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Announcing KPI Dashboard for Freshbooks & Highrise

by Erik Hoffmann on Sep 14th, 2011

In the next 14 days, two new integrations will be added the KPI Dashboard store: KPI Dashboard for Freshbooks, and KPI Dashboard for Highrise.

The solution allows Freshbook customers to visualize the trends of your payments, billing, expenses and time tracking and do advanced debtor analysis.

The solution allow Highrise customers to visualize their CRM trends: customer conversations, leads and deals worked on.

Every integration consist of a set of pre-defined KPIs combined with an automated way to collect your data and measure your KPIs daily. If you are using Freshbooks for billing or Highrise for CRM, then visit the store to pre-order these KPI Dashboard solutions. We are currently working on many other integrations such so stay tuned.

KPI Library introduces – the KPI Dashboard Store

by Erik Hoffmann on Feb 23rd, 2011

We are proud to announce a new member of the KPI Library family of products: the KPI Dashboard Store.

The KPI Dashboard store is a collection pre-defined dashboard solutions based on the most popular KPIs according to the KPI Library community. These solutions allow for a jumpstart when implementing a KPI Dashboard for your business.

There are dashboard solutions for: Finance, HR, Web-Analytics, Sales, Marketing, IT, Support and more. The store will grow as partners continue to developing solutions for the store.

KPI Dashboard Example: HR scorecards & dashboards

by Erik Hoffmann on Nov 4th, 2010

KPI Dashboard helps to create online scorecards and dashboards to visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their trends. Today we show an example of a Human Resources scorecard and dashboard.

Below a scorecard list of KPIs showing the trend of KPIs and the difference with the set targets:

KPIs can also be displayed in a free-from dashboard by defining portlets on dashboard pages. An HR example is shown below:

For more information on KPI Dashboard and its features please visit the KPI Dashboard home page.

Pie Charts and Gauges are bad visualisation formats

by Erik Hoffmann on Nov 15th, 2009

Most people tend to be in love with Gauges and Pie-Charts. They look nice, are colorful and create the perception of true executive dashboards. But many experts will agree that Pie Charts and Gauges are a poor visualization for KPI data and a poor visualization format for executive dashboards,

Why are they poor visualizations? Well, both of them lack the visualization of trends that Line charts do provide. They only give you insights in a single period. Think about it, unable to see trend information while the data is there is a big RED FLAG for a strategic dashboard. How can you take decisions with data based on a single period? How do you track improvements if you are looking at a single period?

There are a couple of good sources on the web when it comes to data visualization, here are some well known specialists:

Perceptual Edge by Stephen Few Edward Tufte Sparklines