Conversations from the Mirror42 Team

December, 2006

Merry Christmas & happy New Year

by Erik Hoffmann on Dec 21st, 2006

From all of us at Mirror42 we wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Like 100 TV channels and nothing is on

by Erik Hoffmann on Dec 18th, 2006

Most IT organizations, either internal IT departments or managed service providers, do have a multitude of applications to help manage the IT environment. Each of these applications provide a silo-ed view of IT, for example the status of the networks, the performance of servers and applications, or overview of incidents and changes. Each of these applications have different user-interfaces, access and different ways of reporting.

Looking at all this data — from a business perspective — in all these applications, it must be like watching 100 TV channels and nothing is on. First of all these ‘channels’ do not provide a holistic view on the IT environment, and secondly it does not, in my opinion, provide the right information for the CIO office and its customers (a.k.a. the business). Surely on operations level the status of networks and servers are important, but from a CIO management perspective it is not. And especially customers of IT could care less, even if they could understand it. For them it is like watching foreign TV channels.

I believe IT providers should therefore improve their information provisioning towards customers by:

- providing information in a single holistic view, and
- tailor this information in a language that customers understand

This is only possible if CIO offices first start to manage holistically, and talk in that same language. Then we have 1 TV channel and something is on. I think this is the first step towards business and IT alignment.